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” If you want to learn the correct way to exercise that is customized for your body type, goals and lifestyle then hire a professional…”

Mike Giliotti is a New York City based private personal trainer that has been servicing clients for over ten years primarily in Manhattan and Staten Island. He provides motivation and a positive support system to help clients reach both their short term and long term goals.  Mike, tell us a bit about your background as it pertains to being a personal trainer.
Mike: To present date, I now officially have 20 years of Experience in the Fitness Industry. 5 years of General Fitness as a Teenager. Over 15 years Certified as a Personal Trainer through various Organizations. My current certifications includeNASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

and I am currently in the process of acquiring my Master Level Certification with  NASM which will be completed by June 2014.

I am also a certified TRX Group Fitness instructor.

And I have a published workout program/book E.D.G.E. Fitness Program.

MikeGiliotti  Why is a personal trainer an important part of achieving one’s fitness goals?
Mike: I am big believer in hiring a professional when looking to improve an area of my life. If the toilet breaks, I call a Plumber. Why should fitness be any different?  If you want to learn the correct way to exercise that is customized for your body type, goals and lifestyle then hire a professional to remove the guesswork and get results without wasting time.  How do you set yourself apart from other trainers?
Mike: I set myself apart from other trainers by my Belief. This is my entire Life. I eat, breathe, live fitness.  My passion is unmatched when it comes to my own goals as well as my clients.  I do not work with just anyone.  There is a screening process required.  I want to work with someone that wants results and is prepared to make the necessary changes to get there. Talk is Cheap and hear it far too often. I will inspire, motivate and educate but I will not babysit and be your therapist.  My workouts are intense and require a mentally strong person to complete the program but success is inevitable.  What are three things to look for when selecting a personal trainer?
Mike: The 3 things I recommend when choosing a personal trainer is Education, Experience and Availability.  Education is imperative due to the science of the human body and how it moves. Experience due to the fact that everyone is different, so having alot of experience allows the trainer to know exactly what is best without trial and error.  Availability is important because if scheduling becomes an issue the client can get discouraged. Momentum is a must when trying to achieve ones goals  Someone once told me that the food you eat contributes to at least 50% of your fitness.  Do you agree with that?
Mike: Nutrition is a major part of your goals. i would honestly say 75%.  However I am not about dieting or food restriction.  My goal is teach my clients “flexible dieting” and “lifestyle nutrition”.  It is about your metabolism to have my body operating in an optimal state.  What you eat, When you eat and quantity are all important aspects to nutrition.
Mike Giliotti  What’s the biggest obstacle your clients face to getting started and how can we overcome that?
Mike:  Fear.  When entering the unknown, people tend to overwhelm themselves with a Greater Task that what it is actually is.  I try to break it down into short term goals, this way the client can build confidence and not get discouraged.  The main goal is there as well but you need to see results leading up to that point to stay consistent.
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