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3 things you need and didn’t know it

The main reason you exercise is to improve - to improve the way you look, feel and move. Whether you’re playing sport or just wanting to lose a few pounds, these reasons hold true.

The following areas of your body are extremely important and are often neglected in you training routine. They are (in no particular order):

  1. Core strength
  2. Upper back strength
  3. Grip strength

I’ve …

Bodybuilding through an online training program is often as effective as having a personal trainer by your side.

Matt Fellows is the Owner and Director of Iron Works Elite Fitness. Iron Works Elite Fitness offers affordable online training, allowing you to train according to your schedule. At $25 per month, your health and wellbeing is worth it. Can you expand on the process of creating body building through an online training program?

Matt: Bodybuilding through an online training …

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