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Taking it to the next level

You’ve hit a wall. Bumped your head on an invisible ceiling? It’s just not working anymore. What’s the difference between you right now and the image of a “better version of you” that you pictured when you started your fitness journey?

Let’s have a look at my Top 5 Training Tips for taking it to the next level of fitness…

1. Mix it up

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein
Mr Einstein makes a very good point here and one that cannot be overlooked. Tweaking your workout can be paramount to reaching your goal. Make sure you have include both cardio and strength training in your program as both have different benefits and a well measured program means you will be getting the most out of yourself. If unsure about how to do that speak to personal trainer who will devise a program for you. Throw in something different to the mix, something you haven’t tried before. Body Combat? Body Pump? Indoor rock climbing? As long as you are building up a sweat and the heart rate is up, you are burning calories.

2. Change your diet

Unfortunately just because you go to the gym most days doesn’t mean you can shovel whatever you like in your mouth. Sadly it doesn’t work that way. Regardless of your fitness goals you must factor in your diet and the small changes you can implement today that will ensure you start seeing differences again. Aim for fresh and natural food products and reduce sugars and processed foods. If unsure speak to a dietician who will devise and map out the best eating plan that matches your workouts and lifestyle.

3. Enter a competition or team sport

This way you have a goal other than “changing your body”. Preparing for a competition, whether it’s a marathon/fun run or a weight lifting competition, means you will be adjusting your routine for a specific purpose and you don’t have to come up with new challenges for a while. Team sports are great as you will be motivated by your team mates and will push each other to new and exciting levels.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.42.44 AM

Training with friends makes the workout fun!

4. Write it down

You could be missing something really simple in your approach to your daily life that is having a serious impact on hitting that next level in your fitness journey. Keep a journal for a fortnight and record everything you are eating, drinking, the amount of time exercising, how you are exercising (and when) and how your energy levels are performing at various times.

5. Hire a trainer

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of eyes to reinvigorate and shake up a routine. A personal trainer will keep you accountable for what you commit to and can be a great motivator.

Let’s face it, you are more likely to turn up and try something new if you know someone is there waiting for you, expecting you to turn up and you are paying good money for it.

Until next time, stay WONDER FIT!!!

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About Suzana Talevski

Suzana Talevski is a television fitness presenter, writer and instructor from Melbourne,Australia. Specialising in functional strength training, Suzana is passionate about exercise being accessible to all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Suzana is also a strong advocate for the promotion of positive body image display in the media and is the author of the blog Strong is Sexy. She is also an internationally certified Les Mills Body Pump instructor and teaches at various Clubs in her home town.

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