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Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it. -Lou Holtz

Practice Yoga After A Workout To Reduce Injury And Relieve Stress

At the end of any physical exercise, your body is warm and your muscles fatigued. This is the optimal time to practice deep relaxing yoga poses that stretch your muscles. When you turn up your internal thermostat by working out, your muscles and connective tissue become more pliable and can lengthen effectively without injury. When you’re wrung out, physically and …

When should I exercise for the ultimate calorie burn?

Ever been to the gym super early because your instructor told you that you burn 20 or 30 per cent calories more at 6am than 6pm?

Most of us have at some point fallen for this claim. Unfortunately it’s a myth. You will burn more calories when your body is at its optimum level for performance. For some it is during …

Cycling Myths explored and explained

One of the most common questions you will get as a fitness professional has always been “will cycling result in big bulky thighs?” The question is more common from women who are looking to build lean muscle tone as opposed to “big legs”.

To answer this question we begin with Les Mills Group Fitness Coach Tony Ball who has had more …

Exercise as Medicine for ADD and ADHD Communities

As many of you know, I have ADD and created Fitness for Health because I wanted to help children faced with the same challenges and assist them in achieving their maximize potential via physical fitness.

One ADD/ADHD treatment that doesn't require a prescription or a visit to a physician's office is exercise. Research is finding that participating in a regular fitness …

How many meals a day should I eat to lose weight?

This is a common question for those looking to lose extra pounds and develop that lean and sexy beach body. However, the question itself is misguided. The answer is obvious—Zero. If you want to lose weight, eat no meals at all.

Many fitness professional joke about what is the best exercise for weight loss. Plate push-aways, of course. Just get yourself …

Check your alignment!

What it means: Good exercise alignment means that all of your joints are lined up- Knees over ankles. Hips over knees. Shoulder over hips. Head balanced on top.

How to do it: Turn profile to a full length mirror. Engage your postural muscles as noted in a previous Training Tip from me. Look at your profile in the mirror. You should …

“The more we find our own health and happiness, the more we help others find theirs.”

Jeffrey Siegel holds a Master degree from Harvard University in Mind, Brain & Education and a Masters in Applied Buddhist Studies from Hong Kong University. He founded JES Wellness to explore the exciting intersection between learning and development with physical movement and fitness.

JES Wellness moves beyond sets, reps and weights to a truly holistic paradigm of health. By seeing the …

Your glutes are your secret weapon!

What it means: I had a Pilates teacher that said “They don’t call them ‘bums’ for nothing!” And she was right. We sit on our glutes all day. They are really rather lazy muscles. When we go to move our leg, it much easier to move it from our hip flexors than from our glutes. When we thinking about lifting …

Guide to a Guilt Free Easter Chocolate Fest

There will be many articles appearing just a few days after the Easter period on how to move those extra calories that were consumed during the Easter period. Some of us will be feeling guilty with the belief that we single handily kept Cadburys in business over Easter (and the weeks leading up to it I’m sure. Didn’t the eggs …

Endurance Training Q&A: How Do I Run Faster for Longer?

Pop quiz: what is the most reliable way to run faster? What could you start doing immediately to become a faster runner?

The answer is relatively simple: most runners just need to run more.

Even if you’re running 5k races, you’re an endurance athlete. You need endurance training to achieve your potential and that includes high mileage.

Of course, high mileage is relative …

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