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Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it. -Lou Holtz

Bodybuilding through an online training program is often as effective as having a personal trainer by your side.

Matt Fellows is the Owner and Director of Iron Works Elite Fitness. Iron Works Elite Fitness offers affordable online training, allowing you to train according to your schedule. At $25 per month, your health and wellbeing is worth it. Can you expand on the process of creating body building through an online training program?

Matt: Bodybuilding through an online training …

Golf Fitness Fundamentals to get your Game in Gear

Golf Fitness Fundamentals: The goal of the golf swing is to strike the ball in order to achieve maximum distance with a high level of accuracy. There is a kinesthetic sequence that will allow an efficient and effective golf swing.

All great golf strikers have an identical sequence of generating speed and transferring energy through the kinetic chain. Each segment …

Caffeinated Or Decaffeinated?

Believe it or not, I am not talking about coffee. I am talking about your exercises! Many exercises have a choice of caffeinated (higher intensity) or decaffeinated (lower intensity.) When you go to your gym, whether it is your basement or the local park, your environment offers you a variety of ways to complete various exercises. A great exercise that …

Taking it to the next level

You’ve hit a wall. Bumped your head on an invisible ceiling? It’s just not working anymore. What’s the difference between you right now and the image of a “better version of you” that you pictured when you started your fitness journey?

Let’s have a look at my Top 5 Training Tips for taking it to the next level of fitness…

1. Mix it …

4 Ways to Put a Workout Plan in Place Now

In today’s society there are a variety of ways to include a workout plan into your weekly routine. No matter your fitness level, one or a combination of these approaches will likely work for you. Whether you prefer to go at it alone or team up with colleagues or friends to get fit, you have options!

Individual Gym Memberships/Plans

Now more …

Getting fit with your best friend…in just 30 minutes!

Most of us are already conscious of the need to keep up with our exercise regime but what about the health of your pets?

Don’t they deserve the same level of care?

In this article we look at how both you and your dog can make the most out of 30 minutes a day and shake up the normal every day routine …

Cross Fit Coloradoan

Cross Fit has been taking a beating in the press recently. The media would have us believe that it is inherently dangerous and will invariably lead to an injury for any practitioners. This kind of thing irks me to no end. The truth is that Cross Fit, done correctly and with a skilled instructor can lead to improved strength and …

“As a fitness professional, frequently asked questions are, “What machines should I use?” or “What lifts are best for me?”

I must consider the goals of the individual paramount before answering these questions. To get the best results for a large range of goals, machines are not always the best approach, and the best lifts for most people are going to be big multijoint or compound moves.

When I am training people in the gym, I see lots of people churning away on different …

The Best Fitness Yardstick

If you've ever tried to set a fitness goal, you know it can be challenging, especially if it’s a new goal.

Set the bar too low and you may find you're lacking motivation. Aim too high—think putting on 5 lbs of muscle in 3 weeks or losing 10 lbs in 5 days--and you're bound for disappointment.

So how do you set your …

Reasons Why Your Workout Just Isn’t Working Out

What it means: I see so many clients, in both Pilates and barre, get frustrated when they plateau. Or when they don't get the results they want, in the time that they want. Some clients just have a difficult time being consistent and committed. So here's my list of reasons your workout just isn't working out, and helpful tips to …