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Skinny Buddha: First Steps

Just where do you begin when faced with a problem that far exceeds ‘normal’ boundaries?  How do you turn around years of bad health choices and neglect? This is where Christopher and I found ourselves a year ago. Ground zero, the step before the step. When a person is over 450lbs there are very few exercises he or she can do. You can forget about cardio machines for the most part because even if you find one that will accommodate your client’s size, odds are your clients cardiovascular strength will not accommodate the machine. Herein lies the paradox, an overweight client with energy system deficiencies.

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About Lawrence Ringwald

Lawrence is a former International Track &amp; Field Athlete. Certified in Strength &amp; Conditioning, Track &amp; Field Coaching, and Personal Training. Lawrence now lives in Ottawa and dedicates his time to helping others achieve personal fitness goals through his business LBR TRAINING. His company provides Personal Training, Athletic Conditioning, and Nutritional consultations, either in person or online @ <a href=""></a>.

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