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Reasons Why Your Workout Just Isn’t Working Out

What it means: I see so many clients, in both Pilates and barre, get frustrated when they plateau. Or when they don’t get the results they want, in the time that they want. Some clients just have a difficult time being consistent and committed. So here’s my list of reasons your workout just isn’t working out, and helpful tips to get going again.

How to do it:

1. Focus. Focus is your friend. For a safe workout and the most effective workout. I recently wrote an article for a women’s entrepreneurial magazine called: If you are making this ONE mistake in your fitness routine, you’re probably sabotaging your best efforts! The missing link for many people is focus. Exercise becomes a time to “zone out”, rather than focus our energy on our muscles and their movements. Free your mind from distractions, and focus on the muscles that should be working in each activity- you will get a more effective and efficient workout! (

2. You are not consistent in your workout. It’s hard. We’re all busy, and taking time for ourselves can feel frivolous. Or maybe you’d rather have your “you time” be a glass of wine than a workout, even though you know you “should”
What to do About it: Schedule it like an appointment. You wouldn’t cancel on a client or your doctor for a glass of wine. Don’t do it to yourself either. Put it in the calendar. Keep your appointment with yourself.

3. What you’re doing doesn’t line up with what you say you want. All exercise is not created equal. If you say you want flat abs, and your chosen exercise is running, you’re going to burn calories, sure. But you’re not going gain muscle tone in your abdominals. If you want to burn calories, but all you take is gentle yoga, you’re not going to get there.
What to do about it: Be realistic about your goals. Don’t just tell yourself that you are exercising, so it’s good enough. Find the discipline that targets your goal.

4. You’ve hit the plateau. You love your spin class. Or your Pilates lesson. But your body seems stuck. Sure, you’re exercising. But it doesn’t seem to be “working”.
What to do about it: Change it up. When was the last time you took a different class? Or took the same type of class with a different trainer? Did the same exercises, but in a different order? Your body and brain have gotten used to a certain routine. Challenge your muscles and your mind/body connection with a new workout.

When to do it: Right now! Better yet, before you hit the “blahs”. As soon as your mind and/or body becomes complacent, change it up!

Why do it: Your workout plan just isn’t working out. You know it. Now, you know how to fix it!

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About Nicole LaBonde

Nicole LaBonde is a Health and Wellness entrepreneur and creatrix who has built a business from her experience as a professional in the fields of fitness, theatre, and nutrition. She’s been featured in SHAPE Magazine, Business Heroine, Philadelphia Magazine’s BeWell Blog, multiple media outlets on healing and transformation, and several ebooks on fitness. Currently, Nicole is applying her vast experience in these fields into a new passion, her work as a mind and body transformation coach. Her clients have found success in: weight loss, increased energy, public speaking confidence, social media marketing and more. Find out how to work with Nicole at

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