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Right on cue…………………….

You know the voice inside your head, the one that’s telling you to eat that second slice of pie. Yes, that one. What if I told you, you can use that to help you train safer and get stronger.

Don’t believe me? Then read on.

Before a client is about to lift, I give them two verbal cues to drill into their …

“Fitness Doesn’t Happen by Being Passive”

Susan Fink has always been passionate about fitness. She is a Los Angeles native, mother of four, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, indoor cycling instructor, and marathon runner.  As a personal trainer Susan works with her clients both at their homes and in her own purpose-built studio. She also worked for nine years as a personal trainer and group fitness …

It isn’t just about getting people to move; it is about teaching them the “why we do this”

As a wife, mother and veteran fitness professional, Becci understands the unique demands that modern day women face. Becci's individualized and holistic approach to fitness leaves her clients feeling empowered preparing them physically, mentally, and emotionally for life's challenges.

Becci regularly teaches fitness classes and conducts private and semi-private training sessions in Southern California. She currently teaches at Pepperdine University in …

“You can’t motivate the body without the mind”

Alex Gonzalez founded AFIT under a single idea: to teach others to move with purpose. Initially the company began as a small start-up, providing individual training along with group training in the form of Fit Camps.

By June 2012 AFIT had acquired a contract with the Upper Dublin Sports Center (UDSC).

In March 2013 AFIT began setting the ground work for a …

“I believe fitness should be fun and enjoyable. It should be something you look forward to that leaves you feeling satisfied.”

Herve Doliska specializes in personal training & high-end lifestyle services in South Florida.  Herve is a graduate from West Virginia University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Multidisciplinary Studies. He also received his personal training certification and excelled as a personal trainer during his time as a student.  What are some of the most …

Is our training actually hurting us?

We have all heard about the benefits of cardiovascular exercise for overall health, but should it be the focus of our workouts? Intense cardiovascular exercise, day in and day out, can increase stress on your body. Stress can cause all sorts of health related issues ranging from loss of sleep, weight gain, decreased immune function, all the way to heart …

Keeping it simple

Do you remember the scene from The Matrix when Samuel. L. Jackson told Keanu Reeves he would show him just “how deep the rabbit-hole goes”?

Sometimes a trainer has to be like Jackson.

On the surface, exercise is simple. You strap on a pair of shoes and run. You grab a dumbbell and do a few curls.

However, as you go further down …

Bodybuilding through an online training program is often as effective as having a personal trainer by your side.

Matt Fellows is the Owner and Director of Iron Works Elite Fitness. Iron Works Elite Fitness offers affordable online training, allowing you to train according to your schedule. At $25 per month, your health and wellbeing is worth it. Can you expand on the process of creating body building through an online training program?

Matt: Bodybuilding through an online training …

Caffeinated Or Decaffeinated?

Believe it or not, I am not talking about coffee. I am talking about your exercises! Many exercises have a choice of caffeinated (higher intensity) or decaffeinated (lower intensity.) When you go to your gym, whether it is your basement or the local park, your environment offers you a variety of ways to complete various exercises. A great exercise that …

4 Ways to Put a Workout Plan in Place Now

In today’s society there are a variety of ways to include a workout plan into your weekly routine. No matter your fitness level, one or a combination of these approaches will likely work for you. Whether you prefer to go at it alone or team up with colleagues or friends to get fit, you have options!

Individual Gym Memberships/Plans

Now more …

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