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Healthier Football Foods

Fall and winter bring many joys: the colorful changing of trees, crispness in the air, and football games. It can be challenging to eat healthy when surrounded by mini corn dogs, deep fried chicken wings, French fries, sweet treats, and calorie-laden beverages.

How do you stay on the right path when confronted with these foods at football parties and choose healthier …

Choosing the right supplements to reach your personal fitness goals

Being fully committed to a health program isn’t just about hitting the gym hard – it’s about incorporating a healthy balance of exercise, diet and lifestyle choices into your schedule. For many looking for big results, incorporating vitamins, protein powders and/or supplements is a great way to keep yourself on track and see those results quickly. Before you head to …

When should I exercise for the ultimate calorie burn?

Ever been to the gym super early because your instructor told you that you burn 20 or 30 per cent calories more at 6am than 6pm?

Most of us have at some point fallen for this claim. Unfortunately it’s a myth. You will burn more calories when your body is at its optimum level for performance. For some it is during …

Guide to a Guilt Free Easter Chocolate Fest

There will be many articles appearing just a few days after the Easter period on how to move those extra calories that were consumed during the Easter period. Some of us will be feeling guilty with the belief that we single handily kept Cadburys in business over Easter (and the weeks leading up to it I’m sure. Didn’t the eggs …

“There are three components to living a healthy lifestyle: exercise, diet, and sleep.”

Albert Matheny has always enjoyed learning about the human body and its capabilities under different conditions: training, nutrition, recovery from injury, and other variables. His goal is to help others connect with their bodies so that they can build their strength and confidence to pursue life to the fullest.

Albert has founded two companies.

Source Organic Whey is the only Non-GMO Project …

“I would advise anyone interested in embarking on their first clean eating detox to first mentally prepare for the journey.”

Kenya Moses is the founder and principal health and fitness coach of Be A Fit Mama, Inc., based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kenya’s mission is to share her extensive health and fitness knowledge and experience working with women to help you become a healthier, more energetic and happier woman. She also regular on-air talent for and, …

Breaking bad….habits

A quick guide to understanding and defeating unhealthy behaviors.  Our habits affect our training and conversely our training affects our habits. The idea that a person's training habits and lifestyle habits are not mutually independent is not new. Modern advances in human psychology are bringing new insights into how habits are formed and changed however. Arguably, behind every habit (particularly …

Pre-Exercise Nutrition

Muscles require carbohydrates. Without an adequate supply, they are unable to generate the energy needed to power through a workout. Eating properly before exercising is a vital way of providing them with the strength they need to see an exercise session through to the end.

Wise Choices in Pre-Exercise Nutrition

High-carbohydrate foods like bread, pasta, fruits and energy …

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