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Guide to a Guilt Free Easter Chocolate Fest

There will be many articles appearing just a few days after the Easter period on how to move those extra calories that were consumed during the Easter period. Some of us will be feeling guilty with the belief that we single handily kept Cadburys in business over Easter (and the weeks leading up to it I’m sure. Didn’t the eggs go on display in January?????).

What if I told you there was a way to avoid the guilt? That there was a way to gobble down more than your share of those little bunnies and still feel good about the fact? Well it’s your lucky day!!

Here’s the simple equation: Put in, burn off.

It really isn’t anything earth shattering, just something some haven’t mastered yet. Want to eat the giant bunny that has been eye balling you all day, go-on rip into it but be prepared to rip into a complimentary work out as well.

Here are some ways to think about it …and remember these calculations are averages and everyone has a different body mass.

Fancy a small Lindt bunny (50grams, 270 calories)? Go for it and then pick one of these to go along with it:

  • Cross Trainer at steady pace for 30 minutes
  • Freestyle swimming for 30 minutes or
  • Walk your dog for about an hour at moderate pace

Here’s another one. Craving a couple of hot cross buns? A pair of those delicious baked sweets should set you back around 310 calories (and that’s without butter). But fear not and try these calorie busters on for size:

  • Les Mills BodyPump: 560
  • Les Mills BodyAttack: 735
  • Les Mills Body Attack: 620
  • RPM or Cycle: 675

Put simply, the more you exercise the more you can eat these lovely chocolaty treats. No guilt involved and no over compensating at the gym after the holiday season.

Happy Easter!!

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About Suzana Talevski

Suzana Talevski is a television fitness presenter, writer and instructor from Melbourne,Australia. Specialising in functional strength training, Suzana is passionate about exercise being accessible to all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Suzana is also a strong advocate for the promotion of positive body image display in the media and is the author of the blog Strong is Sexy. She is also an internationally certified Les Mills Body Pump instructor and teaches at various Clubs in her home town.

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