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4 Ways to Put a Workout Plan in Place Now

In today’s society there are a variety of ways to include a workout plan into your weekly routine. No matter your fitness level, one or a combination of these approaches will likely work for you. Whether you prefer to go at it alone or team up with colleagues or friends to get fit, you have options!

Individual Gym Memberships/Plans

Now more …

The Best Fitness Yardstick

If you've ever tried to set a fitness goal, you know it can be challenging, especially if it’s a new goal.

Set the bar too low and you may find you're lacking motivation. Aim too high—think putting on 5 lbs of muscle in 3 weeks or losing 10 lbs in 5 days--and you're bound for disappointment.

So how do you set your …

“The more we find our own health and happiness, the more we help others find theirs.”

Jeffrey Siegel holds a Master degree from Harvard University in Mind, Brain & Education and a Masters in Applied Buddhist Studies from Hong Kong University. He founded JES Wellness to explore the exciting intersection between learning and development with physical movement and fitness.

JES Wellness moves beyond sets, reps and weights to a truly holistic paradigm of health. By seeing the …

Endurance Training Q&A: How Do I Run Faster for Longer?

Pop quiz: what is the most reliable way to run faster? What could you start doing immediately to become a faster runner?

The answer is relatively simple: most runners just need to run more.

Even if you’re running 5k races, you’re an endurance athlete. You need endurance training to achieve your potential and that includes high mileage.

Of course, high mileage is relative …

Corporate Wellness

Rona Lewis is particularly knowledgeable in her work with corporate wellness. Having been a “suit” herself, Rona understands the stress and unpredictability of corporate life and she truly knows how to work within these parameters to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Rona has over 20 years’ experience as a health and fitness expert for corporations, professional women and businessmen. Her background includes …

Get Stronger To Get The Results You Want

In my experience as a coach and trainer the number one set back women face in the gym is lack of strength training. Rarely do women train with weighted resistance often or heavy enough. This is to be expected when the majority of your training advice comes from infomercials, fashion magazines, and daytime television. The facts are, that women who …

“I would advise anyone interested in embarking on their first clean eating detox to first mentally prepare for the journey.”

Kenya Moses is the founder and principal health and fitness coach of Be A Fit Mama, Inc., based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kenya’s mission is to share her extensive health and fitness knowledge and experience working with women to help you become a healthier, more energetic and happier woman. She also regular on-air talent for and, …

Weight Training and Fat Burning

Incorporating weight training into your regular exercise program can help burn unwanted fat pounds for two reasons. One reason is the muscle fiber and the second reason is an increase in your metabolic rate. Weight training or strength training, should be performed at least 3 times per week. Although a personal trainer can help prescribe the best program for you, …

Breaking bad….habits

A quick guide to understanding and defeating unhealthy behaviors.  Our habits affect our training and conversely our training affects our habits. The idea that a person's training habits and lifestyle habits are not mutually independent is not new. Modern advances in human psychology are bringing new insights into how habits are formed and changed however. Arguably, behind every habit (particularly …

Skinny Buddha: First Steps

Just where do you begin when faced with a problem that far exceeds ‘normal’ boundaries?  How do you turn around years of bad health choices and neglect? This is where Christopher and I found ourselves a year ago. Ground zero, the step before the step. When a person is over 450lbs there are very few exercises he or she can …

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