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What does that mean?

Have you ever read a fitness article and been completely stumped? All that exercise terminology zooming over the top of your head can be a confusing experience. I’ve been there.

Before I was a fitness professional, certain exercise terms bewildered me. It was like the writer was speaking a totally different language. If it wasn’t for the pictures and videos, I’d …

Building a Strong Physical Foundation

Balance and stability, when engaging in activities of daily living, are two primary ingredients needed for anyone to gain the confidence necessary to function effectively.  Keep in mind that we live in a three dimensional world.  Our bodies are designed in a kinetic chain capable of functioning in multiple planes simultaneously.

Through proper movement techniques, you have a greater chance of …

Getting a leg up on limitations

Ok, you’re at the gym. Today is the day you will start your exercise program. Your doctor told you to lose 50 pounds, so you’re here. But when you make your way up the stairs you notice your knee hurts, an old high school injury that occasionally flares up. You also notice you’re out of breath, because the last time …

Is our training actually hurting us?

We have all heard about the benefits of cardiovascular exercise for overall health, but should it be the focus of our workouts? Intense cardiovascular exercise, day in and day out, can increase stress on your body. Stress can cause all sorts of health related issues ranging from loss of sleep, weight gain, decreased immune function, all the way to heart …

The Plank

Let's get to the core of it. Pun intended. The core refers to the major muscles of the abdomen and the lower/mid back. The major muscles of the abdomen refer to four different muscles; external abdominal oblique; internal abdominal oblique, rectus abdominis, and transverse abdominus. The external abdominal obliques are located on the front and side of the abdomen. The …

Keeping it simple

Do you remember the scene from The Matrix when Samuel. L. Jackson told Keanu Reeves he would show him just “how deep the rabbit-hole goes”?

Sometimes a trainer has to be like Jackson.

On the surface, exercise is simple. You strap on a pair of shoes and run. You grab a dumbbell and do a few curls.

However, as you go further down …

“It isn’t just about getting people to move; it is about teaching them the “why we do this” so that they understand the logic (and consequences) behind their actions, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy decision-making.”

As a wife, mother and veteran fitness professional, Becci Prather understands the unique demands that modern day women face. Becci's individualized and holistic approach to fitness leaves her clients feeling empowered preparing them physically, mentally, and emotionally for life's challenges.

Becci regularly teaches fitness classes and conducts private and semi-private training sessions in Southern California. She currently teaches at …

“Transformation is about what works for you, finding new parts of who you are and using those to create life change. Look at the process as the creation of new opportunities.”

Sean Yeager-Diamond is a fitness industry leader with a focus on developing the educational side of startup fitness companies as well as individuals. In addition to being a consultant, Sean, is also the Fitness Director of a large Athletic Club in the Santa Barbara area.

1 Why do you think that …

Healthier Football Foods

Fall and winter bring many joys: the colorful changing of trees, crispness in the air, and football games. It can be challenging to eat healthy when surrounded by mini corn dogs, deep fried chicken wings, French fries, sweet treats, and calorie-laden beverages.

How do you stay on the right path when confronted with these foods at football parties and choose healthier …

“Whatever you do, make sure you’re built for it.”

MRSPFitness was created for people that want to push themselves to their limits. These people aren’t satisfied with going to the gym and spinning on a bike or jogging on a treadmill for an hour. They want to be taken out of their comfort zone, and are not afraid to fail. Mikhael Ricks has created proven programs that will …

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