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Fitness world is changing…

You either move forward or get left behind. This is true in the world of fitness. The way fitness is being delivered is evolving. In the “olden days” you use to pop a Jane Fonda VCR tape in and boogie, or go the nearest health club to get physical. Do you remember those leg warmers and leotard days? Sends a shiver up my spine.

Now technology and fitness go hand in hand. The World Wide Web and smart phones have taken over. According to Mobile Health News there are 5,820 medical, health and fitness apps available for smartphones today. Wow.

A google search for online fitness training gets over 11 million hits. Your options are endless.

Heck there’s no need to even join a gym to get sweaty. It can all be done in the comfort of your own home. So now you can exercise like nobody is watching. Scary.

All of those choices can be overwhelming when you’re looking to get fit. However I want to make it easier on you

So if you’re the type of person who

  • Likes exercising but feels uncomfortable in a gym.
  • Has a busy work schedule.
  • Travels a ton.
  • Wants the expertise of a personal trainer but for a fraction of the cost.
  • Sick of all those cookie cutter programs on apps and magazines.
  • Doesn’t want to think when you’re at the gym
  • Or all of the above

Then online personal training is right up your ally. You’ll get the support and experience of a coach but for a fraction of the cost of personal training. You can exercise anywhere, anytime and all you need is your smart phone.

It just so happens (what a coincidence) that I have entered the world of online training with guns blazing.

Check out my site here

Online training will help take your results to the next level. Having a coach 100% in your corner is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. It’s very empowering.

Plus if you want to exercise in your leg warmers and leotards, no one is around to judge. Go for your life.





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About Shane McLean

Shane McLean is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in Dallas Texas. Moved here 12 years ago from Melbourne Australia. Specializing in stability core, strength and mobility programs. The four fundamentals to healthy skeletal health. Shane tailors training's to meet your strength, nutrition, injury management and mobility needs. His motto is "to improve one’s balance, strength and mobility no matter your age."

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