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4 Ways to Put a Workout Plan in Place Now

In today’s society there are a variety of ways to include a workout plan into your weekly routine. No matter your fitness level, one or a combination of these approaches will likely work for you. Whether you prefer to go at it alone or team up with colleagues or friends to get fit, you have options!

Individual Gym Memberships/Plans

Now more than ever there are typically two or three gyms within a five mile radius of your home or office. Some workplaces or communities have workout facilities onsite for employees or residents. Make the most of the free or reduced gyms you have access to when seeking to jumpstart your health and wellness plan. For paid gym memberships go and visit as many will provide a complimentary tour of the facilities with some even offering a free visit or two to see if it’s a fit for your lifestyle and needs. Paid gym memberships typically do not include any personal training hours or consulting, so do keep that in mind.

Personal/Private Training

Personal Trainers may be employed at your local gym or you can hire an independent or freelance personal. One of the best ways to find a great personal trainer is through referral and reviews. If you have a friend or associate who has had great results with a personal trainer, get them to introduce you or ask to tag along on a session to see what it entails. Personal Trainers will often offer a variety of packages to meet both your budget, schedule and health needs so don’t feel as though your choice will be limited. Personal or Private training should be designed and customized to meet your needs.

Group Fitness & Bootcamps

If you need the added motivations of others seeking to get fit, friends or family, think about adding group fitness or bootcamp workouts to your schedule. These allow you to bring a buddy or to meet new people who are seeking to improve their fitness as well. Increased camaraderie, motivation and financial savings are perks of getting involved in group classes or bootcamps. Online


Online Training makes it convenient for you to train when and where you would like. Online Training programs are available to complete at in the comforts of your own home while other online fitness programs involve a personal trainer who will guide you through a workout in your home or community gym remotely. This type of program is great for someone who wishes to have flexibility and privacy with their workouts. You see more and more of these types of sessions taking place via online video capable apps such as Skype or FaceTime.

Don’t procrastinate or delay when it comes to improving your health and wellness. One of these approaches is likely to fit right in to your current lifestyle and enable you to reach your fitness goals.

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About Carlos Daniels, Jr.

Carlos Daniels, Jr. is an innovative and intellectual entrepreneur, personality and fitness expert. In the summer of 2014, he was a featured business owner on and he has been quoted in numerous media publications, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution on his thoughts on health, lifestyle and fitness. He has a loyal following of over 25,000 fans across major social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn priming him to be a sought after brand ambassador and marketer for product/service endorsements. He has already participated in campaigns for Keotty Clothing and Olivia Valentino Jewelry.

Carlos is a man of many talents: Collegiate & Professional Sports Athlete, Upcoming Film/Television & Advertising Personality, Marketing/Production Expert and Entrepreneur & Celebrity Personal Trainer.

When he isn’t hard at work on his endeavors, Carlos enjoys reading a good business, motivational or spiritual book. He is fan of renowned speaker Deepak Chopra and best-selling business author Malcolm Gladwell. He has an interest in culture and history, as this was his primary area of study in college, and he keeps up with news and events from politics and sports to pop-culture.

Today, Carlos enjoys a thriving personal training business, CPowered2, based in Atlanta.

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